Introducing Prism Deal Tracker

As a Prism user, you are likely already taking advantage of all of the awesome features of our platform, like easy calendar management, instant offer generation, and revenue and expense tracking. Now, you can leverage Deal Tracker as a convenient tool to track all of your deals in one place along with these other features. It’s yet another feature we’ve built into our platform to give promoters, agencies and venues one source of truth and real-time data at their fingertips.

Why Deal Tracker Matters

We all know the toll 2020 had on the music industry. Variety reported that the global concert industry lost $30 billion, with venues seeing the hardest hit, according to Pollstar. While music is finally alive and well again, promoters, agencies and venues are still looking for ways to make up for those lost profits. Investing in software that automates workflows, consolidates data, and helps live music pros be more efficient and organized is one way to boost profitability.

We aren’t saying Prism is the only answer, but it is a powerful tool that’s making a real difference in how live music professionals are managing their businesses. Deal Tracker is yet another feature that we’ve recently added to give Prism users unprecedented visibility into the data they need to work smarter and be more productive, which equals more profit.

We developed Deal Tracker in response to customers telling us that they needed a better way to track and report on deals. Most were resorting to digging through emails or complex spreadsheets, calling others to fill them in on statuses, or even trying to find handwritten notes. Those manual efforts take a lot of time—time that isn’t then available to rebuild a business. 

With so many balls in the air at one time, especially with the jump in concerts since the COVID shutdown, it’s no wonder so many things were falling through the cracks. Deal Tracker changes all of that, keeping the data that’s usually dispersed across multiple systems in one place, easily accessible in the Prism platform from anywhere you want to work.

What Can You See and Do in Deal Tracker

With Deal Tracker, you can see the offer and deal data, past and present, in a single view. You get a general overview of every deal or can drill into a deal to see micro-level details. You can also:

  • Set up custom fields and views with sort and filter capabilities to precisely see what matters to you
  • Follow the real-time status of deals and proactively identify where a deal may be stuck 
  • Add notes to any deal and have any update automatically timestamped
  • Generate general or detailed, shareable reports 

We built Deal Tracker to be viewable right where you already work in Prism, so all you have to do is scroll down on the Talent tab to “Deals”, right next to the Payments tab. With just a click, you have the precise data you need to make more informed, faster decisions, be proactive, and keep your deals moving in the right direction so you can build in revenue and seize opportunities.

Being a Part of the Prism Network Has Its Benefits

Deal Tracker isn’t just a productivity tool; it’s a way to work efficiently and collaboratively with the best in the industry. Prism has amassed a robust customer base of live music professionals. As a Prism user, you are part of that community. With everyone using Prism, Prism becomes a valuable resource that connects users together, making it easier to collaborate and get more work done faster, ultimately helping all users be more successful.

For instance, let’s say you are a promoter. You are in Deal Tracker and filter by concert date and see there is an outstanding deal with an artist. Within Prism, you can identify their agent, and if they also use Prism, you can message the promoter and provide a link to the deal. The promoter can then click on the link and be taken directly to the offer and communicate with you as to where the holdup is. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to manage deals—all without sending a single email.

Try Deal Tracker Today

Deal Tracker is available right now on your Prism platform.

Give Deal Tracker a try, and let us know what you think! And if you aren’t yet a Prism user, now is the perfect time to see how it works. Schedule a demo to see what Prism can do for your business.

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