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The Ultimate Software for Venue Management and Live Event Organization

Transform Your Live Events into a Smooth, Ultra-Efficient and Profitable Experience

Wondering how to take things to the next level? With Prism's robust set of features designed for venues and promoters, you can streamline your booking process with our booking software for venues, improve financial planning, increase efficiency, and boost profitability. 

An Intuitive Calendar For Venues and Promoters

Managing your event spaces just got a whole lot easier, whether you've got multiple venues with different stages and rooms or just one main spot. Prism’s Calendar allows you to track your holds, confirmed shows, and on-sale / announce all in one convenient location. With venues and stages color-coded, you'll always have a clear overview of your events.

Share Avails In A Few Clicks

Make sharing your available dates a breeze with Prism. Select a block of dates that you would like to share avails for and voilà! With the click of a button you can copy your avails and paste them in an email thread in seconds And if you want to make changes to how the dates and holds are displayed, no problem! Our Share Avails feature lets you edit and customize.

Find What You Need, Fast

Prism's Calendar and Events List includes a search filter that allows you to easily find specific events for a particular venue, stage, or room. You can quickly track past and upcoming events and filter between different show types. It's the most convenient way to manage your shows on-the-go.


Collaborate Effortlessly with Shared Holds

Want to synchronize your calendars with the partners you work with most? With Shared Holds in Prism, venues can grant limited access to their calendars so that promoters can place holds directly from their own Prism account. Perfect for when you need to speed up bookings and communication with trusted partners!

Finally, One Place for Everyone to Collaborate While Staying Organized and Up To Date

Prism helps you keep everyone on the same page. It's the one-stop hub that’s recommended by industry experts to make organizing events seamless. Prism provides a central source of truth for your events, helping your team avoid confusion, delays, and misunderstandings.You can find what you need in Prism, from production schedules to managing deals, contracts, and payments.


Custom Permissions & Access: Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

Here at Prism, we get it. Teams work best when everyone is empowered with the right information. That's why we've implemented customizable permissions within our platform, allowing you to tailor the information each team member sees based on their role.

Our secure and robust permissions ensure that sensitive information remains protected and private, while providing a seamless experience for your team. Take control of your company data and optimize your workflows by utilizing our customizable permissions and roles today.

Delegate Tasks & Keep Your Team Accountable in Prism

Tasks in Prism help you and your team stay on track and accomplish your goals. With the ability to create template tasks for different show types and departments, you can streamline your workflow and ensure consistency across your projects. Adding and assigning tasks to team members is easy. You’ll even get automatic daily updates on upcoming and overdue tasks so that nothing gets missed.


Always Know the Score with Automated Deal and Payment Tracking


A Real-Time Solution for Keeping Up with Bookings - Deal Tracker

The live music and entertainment world moves fast, and it can be tough to keep up with all the deals, offers and bookings happening. But don't worry, that's where Prism's Deal Tracker comes in. With real-time updates, you'll never miss a beat on the status and history of each deal.

Want to see only unsigned contracts or offers awaiting response? With our advanced filter and search system in deal tracker, you can easily surface the information you need.

Forget about missed deadlines and unpaid invoices with Payment Tracker

Want to know what payments are upcoming, due or outstanding? No problem. Search or create customized reports to view a specific group of payments that matter to you. You can even assign due dates to future payments and add notes on how payments were made. Get all the information you need about payments with Prism’s Payment Tracker.

Use Deal & Payment tracker together to explore your current and past deals, and filter upcoming payments. Take control of your entire booking process with Prism, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Strengthen Your Cash Flow with Prism’s Financial Tools

Prism is the go-to tool for keeping your finances in order for live concerts and events. You'll be able to keep tabs on your revenue and expenses and track every show and tour. Plus, you'll get an eagle's eye view of how your business is performing financially.


State of the Art Financial Reporting

Get real-time updates on your finances with Prism's advanced reporting capabilities. Stay on top of your forecast, actuals, and overall financial picture with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

Get the Edge on Your Competition with Enhanced Data Tracking

Save yourself time and money by unleashing the power of financial data in your decision making. Want to know who your next big move should be with? What genres are making you the most cash? What the average bar sales are per head? Prism's Enhanced Data Tracking gives you the inside scoop to make informed decisions. Unlock business insights with ease. Learn more about Enhanced Data Tracking.

Managing co-pro deals inside of Prism

Is co-promotion complicating your finances? The time intensive and stressful process of tracking all events and calculating splits can be far more organized, faster, and accurate with Prism’s Co-Pro feature. Learn more about the Co-Pro feature inside of Prism.

Build Trust with your External Partners

Generate More Offers – Win More Business

Our fast offer generation and delivery gives you the upper hand over competitors, increasing your chances of booking more shows and boosting your bottom line. With a simple and straightforward way to generate and send offers, Prism enables you to scale your business like never before.


“It takes all of the stress out of settlements! Once we started using offers and settlements in Prism, settlements became so easy, streamlined and efficient."

Chad Whitehead
OKC Tower Theatre

Settlements Made Easy for Peace of Mind

Ditch the stress of putting together settlement sheets manually. Keep all your financial data in one tidy spot and easily generate settlements based on the original offer. Venues, promoters and agencies alike love Prism’s settlements because of the peace of mind it gives them when everything is accurate, detailed, and transparent. Plus, you'll have more time to focus on what really matters for your business.

Making Advancing Quick and Simple

Prism's Advance tab consolidates all of your crucial show information in one place, such as venue address, ticket scaling, run of show, age limit, merch rates and ticketing URLs. Editing, emailing, downloading, and printing your advance has never been easier, thanks to Prism's user-friendly interface.


Contact Book & Communications

In Prism, you can keep all of your contacts in one place, with the ability to search, update, add, and download Contacts at your fingertips.

But that's just the beginning. You can even assign roles and positions to your contacts, to streamline your communications and make sure the right people are getting the right information. And, with the ability to track and report on all events related to a particular contact, you can make data-driven decisions that will help you grow your business.

Even Keep The Rental Side of Your Business Running Smoothly

With Prism, you can even manage your venue’s private events, weddings and parties, and build itemized pricing lists for rental rooms, stages, and backline. See the revenue your rental spaces and bookings are generating and how that fits into the big picture without the hassle of juggling multiple systems. Our all-in-one platform brings everything together in one place.


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