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A Quick Guide for How to Promote a Concert on Social Media

June 20, 2022

Around 85% of concertgoers find out about events online, with 66% of fans claiming that they like learning about upcoming concerts on social media platforms. If we narrow the pool even more, more than half…

What to Consider in Live Music Venue Design

June 1, 2022

Whether you have an intimate hole-in-the-wall or a massive theater, it’s essential to consider your live music venue design carefully. Single-use venues are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and your venue needs to…

How to Find Bands to Play at Your Venue: Building Agent Relationships

May 9, 2022

Bands that were forced to cancel gigs during COVID are looking to book gigs at great venues to make up for lost time. And after the disappointment of having to live without live events for…

Live Music Venue

What to Consider When Starting a Live Music Venue

April 12, 2022

Whether you already own a bar or restaurant and want to attract more customers, or you believe there’s room in the local market for a new space, starting a live music venue is always an…

live concert sound check staff

Navigating Concert Venue Staffing as Venues Reopen

March 23, 2022

As live music venues re-emerge from COVID and lockdowns, musicians and concertgoers alike are eager to get back to the stage. But with increased demands and health considerations, venue owners need to employ more people…

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How to Start a Booking Agency

February 2, 2022

As artistic talent returns to the stage, it’s a great time to look into how to start a booking agency. Not only can you help connect talent with venues to keep the return of the…

making a budget tracking finances

Music Venue Management: Moving Past Spreadsheets to Track Concert Budgets

January 18, 2022

After industry professionals took the time to figure out how to hold live shows and generate revenue safely in 2021, the new year holds a great deal of promise for a more normal landscape of…

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What You Need to Know About Music Venue Profitability

December 23, 2021

After the year and a half we’ve had, it’s a relief to be able to host live music events again. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, venue owners across the country were under immense pressure to stay…

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What Is a Venue Promoter Agreement and Why You Need One

December 15, 2021

At least 16 percent of American adults bought tickets for a live event last year. This statistic is a breath of fresh air for promoters after a lackluster season dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The…


How to Determine What Ticket Price Would Maximize Revenue

December 9, 2021

If venues want to maximize revenue—and they need to more than ever post-COVID—they need a more precise way to budget and see their costs in real-time. Figuring out what ticket price would maximize revenue for…

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