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How Booking Software for Venues Can Streamline Artist Bookings

Navigating artist bookings can be a difficult task for venues. It’s a job that’s fraught with complexities and coordination challenges. Bookings require diligence, precision, and considerable time, from synchronizing multiple schedules to ensuring the accurate…

Looking for the right music venue booking software? Discover the essential features you need in your venue's next digital booking platform.

Expert Tips: How to Choose The Right Music Venue Booking Software

How is your music venue currently handling the booking process? Some venues still use an old-fashioned approach involving handwritten notes, paper calendars, spreadsheets, and a lot of luck. While those tried-and-true methods might have worked…

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Social Media Marketing for Concert Promotion: Tips and Tools

The concert market in 2024 looks to be strong and stable, setting up promoters to have another exciting year delivering unforgettable shows. Correlating with heavy ticket demand, fans are flocking to their favorite social media…

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What Is a Music Promoter Contract and Why Do You Need One?

The best music promoters in the business have a profound impact on the bottom line of a concert. Nobody is better attuned to the audience and financial reality of a show, which is why concert…


How to Determine What Ticket Prices Will Maximize Revenue

Figuring out concert ticket prices has always been one of the most difficult parts of the music business. Prices that are too high lead to low attendance, undercutting concessions and merch sales on top of…

Live Music Industry and Mental Health: How Music Venues Can Show Support

Live Music Industry and Mental Health: How Music Venues Can Show Support

Music venues are more than just places to hear the latest talent rock the stage on a memorable night out. For fans and music professionals alike, live music can offer an enormous boon to our…

The Changing Role of Music Agents in the Digital Age

The Changing Role of Music Agents in the Digital Age

Anyone familiar with the music industry knows: the last decade has seen a degree of change that is impossible to compare with any other period in its history. We’ve moved firmly into the digital age,…

8 Signs You Need a Venue Management System

8 Signs You Need a Venue Management System

Live music venue managers are professional multitaskers. Seamlessly handling a shifting network of tasks is an essential aspect of the job—and it can stretch anyone thin just trying to keep up with the pace of…

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9 Tips to Make Your Live Music Venue More Successful

Live music venues are entering uncharted waters as the industry experiences rapid growth. With promoters and venue operators striving to create unique experiences for bands and audiences, the competition is fierce. As crowds return to…

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How to Take Advantage of Live Nation’s 2023 Concert Week Promotion

Live Nation’s Concert Week was one of the success stories of live music in 2022. With more than 2.2 million tickets sold, the event reached more fans than in 2018 or 2019 and paved the…

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