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Prism is the only booking software that solves the unique productivity issues of music industry pros. Our small and growing team is headquartered in Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world, where we’re hustling to create the best booking software for the entertainment industry and service clients around the world.

What We Do & Why We Do It

After booking thousands of events and shows in rooms around the country, our founding team realized that everyone in the live music business shared common problems. With so many moving pieces, disparate tools, and mobile team members, booking shows is chaotic.

That’s why we decided to do something about it — for us and for the live music industry. Our team built a tool that vastly reduces the work required to manage a calendar, send offers, market, advance, and settle our live music shows. Built by music professionals for music professionals, we understand what is needed from a booking tool and made sure to meet those needs with our innovative product features .

Our Mission.

Prism aims to streamline and centralize the process of managing concerts and events. By replacing error-prone spreadsheets with a secure, mobile-friendly platform, teams can manage more with less. From hold, to offer, to settlement, Prism eliminates costly redundancies while improving team communication.

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