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The Single Solution for Live Music Professionals

One of the biggest pain points for live music promoters, venues, and staff is that there are too many disconnected systems and tools required to do their jobs effectively. It's inefficient, labor-intensive, and sucks all of the fun out of live music event management.

At Prism, we've made it our mission to streamline and centralize the process of managing concerts and events. By replacing error-prone spreadsheets with a secure, mobile-friendly, all-in-one platform, teams can manage more with less. From holds and offers to deal tracking and settlements, Prism eliminates costly redundancies while improving team collaboration.

Organizations using Prism can focus on growing their business.

Our innovative product is purpose-built with all of the features needed to streamline event management operations and improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


Prism Product Benefits

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Manage Holds Faster and More Efficiently

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Track Deals Throughout Booking Process

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Increase Accuracy With Real-time Data

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Increase Productivity with Everything in One Place

Prism Features

Calendar Management

Manage holds for all of your rooms, shows, and markets on one calendar with features that make sense.

  • Add multiple dates/holds to a show with a click
  • Quickly pull and share avails with agents or promoters
  • Automatically generate different hold levels across multiple dates
  • Integrated with industry-standard tools
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Offer Generation

Instantly build custom offers while viewing real-time, break-even calculations.

  • Create and send a professional, branded, complete offer in less than a minute
  • Set up templates to match every deal type and room in your network
  • Control which expenses are visible in your offer while tracking your internal budget
  • Estimate revenue, profit, and break-even in real time, and compare deals and scenarios to optimize offer terms

Deal Tracker

Keep track of and report on offers from the initial offer stage to the signed contract with a few clicks.

  • Set up custom fields and views with sort and filter capabilities to see what matters to you
  • See the real-time status of every deal and proactively identify where a deal may be stuck
  • View all current and past deals on one page or drill into deal details
  • Add notes to any deal and have all updates automatically timestamped chrome tab Deal Tracker for Promoters cropped - colored chrome tab tool screen recording logo

Revenue & Expense Tracking

Save time by tracking expenses, ticket sales, and internal revenue streams in one place-all of which can be done quickly with templates

  • Build detailed budgets and control the visibility of your team at an item-by-item level
  • Link your ticketing platform to automatically update sales in real time
  • Send invoices and track actual expenses as they occur rather than at (or after) settlement
  • Check show status with break-even projections and net revenue calculated and updated in real time


Easily track and report adjustments, payout methods, and additional expenses and revenue.

  • Generate a customized, branded settlement sheet with a single click to quickly settle with the agent, artist, or tour manager
  • Generate separate internal and external settlement reports
  • Calculate accurate tax payments and other variable expenses instantly and never overpay or underpay your artist again chrome tab screen recording logo
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Collaboration & Communication

Connect stakeholders on one platform while controlling access to sensitive information.

  • Invite everyone on your team to work on your shows in one place
  • Keep track of communications between team members without relying on email
  • Retain a historical record of all show details and communications sorted by shows
  • Assign tasks and deadlines to stakeholders while keeping sensitive information protected

Real-Time Data Visualization

Get an overall view of show performance with interactive reports and drill into a single show's P&L.

  • Keep track of the numbers that matter in a single place, such as true net, marketing ROI, and additional revenue streams over time
  • Generate sum reports, such as taxes owed last quarter and net profit last month
  • Make educated profit projections easily and quickly with historical data
  • Identify and track sales trends, clients' profitability, and employee productivity
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Prism Tours

Manage a tour or multi-night run with one offer and settlement.

  • See all the shows on your tour in one place and drill into any single show for details
  • Build one deal for multiple shows and Prism will automatically settle across all shows
  • Cross-collateralize your offer to calculate the artist bonus after all of your expenses are covered

Focus on growing your business, not juggling spreadsheets.

Try Prism's all-in-one solution for music industry professionals.

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