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For over a decade, we've listened closely to the needs of the concert and live music industry. Prism is the comprehensive artist management software that supports your team's efficiency and grows with your business. Trusted by top performers at all levels of the industry.

Our dynamic product and engineering team are constantly in sync with the live music, events and performance world to bring you cutting-edge features and updates on a regular basis.


Effortless Alignment: Keep everyone on the same page

Finally, one place for your team and partners to stay organized and up to date. Prism is your one-stop hub for seamless organization and alignment with your team. With Prism, you'll have a central source of truth for every aspect of an event or booking – from run of show, to deals, contracts, and payments. Get your team to log into Prism and stay on top of everything they need to with ease!

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An Intuitive, Feature-Rich Calendar

We created Prism’s easy-to-use calendar with the unique needs of Venues, Promoters and Booking Agents in mind. Explore the intelligent design of Prism's Calendar and how it can help your organization.

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Empower Your Team with Customizable Permissions & Access

At Prism, we understand the importance of efficient and effective team collaboration. That's why we've implemented customizable permissions within our platform, allowing you to tailor the information each team member sees based on their role.

Our secure and robust permissions ensure that sensitive information remains protected and private, while providing a seamless experience for your team. Take control of your company data and optimize your workflows by utilizing our customizable permissions and roles.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Automated Deal and Payment Tracking

With the fast-paced nature of live entertainment, it can be challenging to keep track of every deal, booking, and payment. That's where Prism’s Deal & Payment Tracker comes in. Our automated tracking system provides real-time updates on the status and history of each deal, so you never miss a beat.

Say goodbye to missed deadlines and forgotten payments. With our system, you'll know the health and progress of the most critical parts of your business, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Take control of your deals, bookings, and payments with Prism.

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The Ultimate Financial Reporting Tool for Concerts and Live Entertainment

Prism is the ultimate accounting and financial reporting tool for live events, empowering you to manage revenue and expenses with ease. Keep track of each show and tour, and gain valuable insights into the financial performance of your business.

With real-time financial data and reporting capabilities, you can make informed decisions with confidence. Forecast estimates, track actuals, and gain a comprehensive view of your profitability with weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

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Finally, Stress-Free Settlements

Settling your shows shouldn't be a source of stress. With Prism, you can now achieve peace of mind in your show settlements. Our platform brings all your offers, estimates, and actuals together, eliminating manual errors – streamlining your processes.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual tracking and enjoy the uninterrupted flow of Prism. With complete visibility and everything organized in one place, you can have confidence in the accuracy of your financial data and focus on what really matters.

Choose Prism for a stress-free, reliable solution in show settlements.

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Top-tier Security & Privacy: Prism has you covered

Prism offers the highest level of security, redundancy, scalability, and performance. It’s designed to scale seamlessly on top-tier hosting infrastructure managed with AWS. Our robust permission system meets SOC 2 standards, ensuring that your data remains private.

To prevent malicious attacks and bots, we leverage a Web Application Firewall (WAF) at the DNS level. We also encrypt all sensitive data both at rest and in transit.
In addition to an annual third-party penetration test and security audit, our internal development team performs regular SAST and DAST testing to identify and fix potential issues, security regressions, or known vulnerabilities. We keep extensive logs of all system activity and production data backups.

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