Talent Buying and Venue Management Software

Designed by promoters to effortlessly manage calendars, build offers, track revenue and expenses, advance and settle shows

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Calendar Management

  • Manage holds for all your rooms and shows on one calendar.
  • Automatically select best available hold levels and easily input large multi date hold requests.
  • One click hold status reporting.
  • Automatically populate agent/promoter contact info for each hold.

Offer Generation

  • Instantly build any kind of offer from a door deal to a plus deal with promoter profit.
  • Generate a clean offer sheet with your footprint.
  • Real time break even calculation as you’re working up your offer.

Budgeting and Expense tracking

  • Create templates to instantly build any type of show.
  • Itemized expense tracking within budget groups.
  • Track reported and unreported costs.
  • Automatically bring in your ticket sales for a real time break even analysis.


  • One click settlement.
  • Generate separate internal and external settlement reports.
  • Easily track and report adjustments, payout methods, additional costs and revenue.


  • Invite everyone on your team to work on your shows, from ticket takers to buyers.
  • Control access to sensitive information.
  • Approval system for confirmations, challenges, budget adjustments, offers, and settlement.

Real Time Data Visualization

  • Upcoming events dashboard with at a glance show health and marketing ROI.
  • Generate sum reports like taxes owed last quarter, net profit last month, and projected profit next month.
  • Identify and track sales trends, clients profitability, and employee productivity.

What people are saying

"This is the future of talent buying for me. Just like I can't imagine how people communicated in a quick and productive manner in this business before e-mail, I don't know how I built offers and managed my calendar without it."

Maxx Lundeen-Goldschlag / Coalition Entertainment place Los Angeles, CA

"Using Prism to book shows was like switching from a rotary phone to a smartphone. I only vaguely remember what it was like and I don't know how we ever lived without em."

David Machinist / Heard Entertainment place Austin, TX

"Teaming up with the guys behind Prism has been a huge game changer. Incorporating their software has helped organize our event data and streamlined how we share up-to-the-minute event settlements and information with our team."

Joel Collins / Crank it Loud place Greensboro, NC
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