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A tool proven to massively boost your team's productivity and profitability. Seamlessly organize and execute on all aspects of booking events from calendar, settlement, advancing, relationship management, data analysis and more.

Trusted by industry Leaders to Plan Hundreds of Thousands of Events at Over 10,000 Venues Worldwide.

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purple pluses
purple pluses

"It’s a fantastic program. I wish every venue in America would use it! It would save them a lot of time and help them avoid a lot of mistakes."

Chad Whitehead
Tower Theatre OKC

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Chad Whitehead 2

"Prism is the best money we ever spent. If our owner ever had to cut costs, it would be the last thing to go because we NEED it."

Greg Ray
Thunderbird Music Hall

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Greg Ray

"Prism has been a godsend so far and continues to make the growth of my organization a lot more sustainable."

Graham Noel
Rising Sun Presents

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graham noel

"Prism is a game-changer! It’s made us incredibly efficient and saves us hundreds of hours each month."

Dave Poe
Save Live

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Dave Poe

Prism Live Music Management Features

Let Prism streamline your booking process, improve your financial planning, increase your team's efficiency, and boost profitability.


Boosting efficiency for hundreds of thousands of shows in over 6,000 venues.