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Prism creates massive efficiencies for your team, allowing you to stay organized while booking more shows faster and more profitably.

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Prism is being used to plan hundreds of thousands of concerts & live events at over 2,500 venues worldwide.


Prism is the industry leading platform used by Promoters, Venues, and Agencies to plan, collaborate and execute incredible events.

Book More Shows.
Track Revenue.
Settle Easily.

Prism is a music management software that makes juggling dozens of fragmented spreadsheets and calendars a thing of the past. Agents, Promoters, and venues can now rely on one intuitive place to manage all of their events. Everything you need is in one place, automated, and accessible in a few clicks.

“Prism is a sustainability tool more than anything. It’s the only thing that’s available that follows us from the hold stage all the way to settlement."



Ric Leichtung
Founder and Events Director of AdHoc

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Booking and Settling Made Easy

Manage Holds Faster and More Efficiently
Increase Accuracy With Real-time Data
Increase Productivity by Doing More with Less


Automated & Integrated

Everything we do at Prism is geared around what those in the live music industry really need: one system + automation + integrations


Manage Your Calendar

Manage holds for all of your rooms and shows on one calendar with detailed permissions that keep sensitive information private.


Generate Offers

Instantly build any sized offer while viewing real-time break-even calculations.


Track Revenue & Expenses

Create templates, itemize expenses, track costs and reconcile ticket sales in one place.


Collaborate With Your Team

Connect your team and stakeholders on one platform while controlling access to sensitive information.


Visualize Data in Real Time

See everything at once on an interactive dashboard with events, financial reports and status.


Easily Settle Shows

Settle your shows as they go. Manage external settlements and internal settlements in one place.

Software Designed for the Live Music Industry by Live Music Professionals

Disconnected systems, complex spreadsheets and manual processes make it hard to turn a profit. We get it because we’ve been there.

Calendar Management Made Easy

Manage holds for all of your rooms, shows, and markets on one calendar with features that make sense.

  • Add multiple dates/holds to a show with a click
  • Quickly pull and share avails with agents or promoters
  • Automatically generate different hold levels across multiple dates
  • Integrated with industry standard tools
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Manage & Settle Shows

Track and report adjustments, payout methods and additional costs and revenue in one click.

  • Customized, branded settlement sheet generated with a single click
  • Eliminate human error around split point calculations
  • Generate separate internal and external settlement reports
  • Calculate accurate tax payments and other variable expenses instantly and never overpay or underpay your artist again
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Manage Tasks & Collaborate with the Team

Connect stakeholders on one platform while controlling access to sensitive information.

  • Invite everyone on your team to work on your shows in one place while keeping sensitive information protected
  • Use automated tasks and tracking to ensure nothing fails through the cracks
  • Keep track of what changes were made and when the built-in activity tracker
  • Leverage automated emails, challenges, buget adjustments, offers, and settlements
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Easily Create Events & Generate Offers

Instantly build any sized offer while viewing real-time break-even calculations.

  • Create a professional, branded, complete offer to send out in less than a minute
  • Set up templates to match every deal type and room in your network
  • Control which costs and revenues are visible in your offer and your internal budget
  • Estimate revenue, profit, and break-even in real-time, and compare deals and scenarios to optimize terms
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Revolutionizing the Live Music Industry One Client at a Time

Hear What Industry Leaders Have to Say About Prism

“Prism is fantastic. I kind of wonder what I did without it now that I have it. We have a weekly Tuesday meeting. We all go down the list and look at the health of the shows in Prism and see how they’re performing. It’s hours upon hours upon hours of time saved every week.”


Josh Baker
Owner & Talent Buyer MOKB Presents


“Before, we never tracked in the level of detail it offers. Prism helps us manage that process; it saves time and organization by keeping the management all in one place.”


Ty Sutton
President & CEO Dayton Live



Prism Connects the Pieces

Prism offers a simplified solution for the complex process of booking shows, managing rooms, and routing tours for every level or artist or industry professional. We provide one-click integrations with the tools you are already using like Google Calendar and ticketing partners like Eventbrite, See Tickets, Prekindle, and Etix.

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With Prism, It’s Settled.

Find out how Prism can work for you.