Why Prism for Agents

Software Designed for Agents, by Live Music Professionals

Prism replaces spreadsheets and emails with a consolidated platform agents can use to book artists with ease and efficiency. From robust commission tracking and analytics to streamlined workflows to get their artists to contract faster, everything agents need is in one place, in real-time, from any device.

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Consolidate and Streamline Your Process

Find What You Need Fast

Whether on a desktop or a mobile device, Prism allows agents to work up contracts faster, track holds, and settle with artist more efficiently. From hold to settlement, everything you need is in one place with Prism.

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“I fully expect that the Prism program will continue to make the flow of communication more easily accessible and succinct for Goldengate's artists, and the industry. Prism has proven to be an industry leader with their speed of development and attention to detail."

Jason Kupperman
Goldengate Talent Agency

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Build Your Roster in Seconds

Keeping track of your artists and financials is a breeze. See all of the earnings, commissions, number of shows, deposits and settlements received, and more functionality to help you manage your accounts with ease.

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Work Straight from Your Artist Roster

The Prism Artist Roster has everything you need to work efficiently so you can do more in less time. Add events, contract with the artist, and drill into existing artists’ information to see deal type, guarantees and deposit amounts, commissions, deal type, and due dates for everything.

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Historical and Forecasted Insights

Through a show health dashboard and customizable tour reports, Prism allows you to always know where you stand with every show or tour. Reference past offers by market, buyer and more to see show notes, profitability, and make informed decisions on where to book next.

With all of the innovative features you need streamlined into one product, Prism makes your job easier so you can focus on your artist's success.

With Prism, It’s Settled.

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