Unlock Your Full Booking Potential With Prism’s Innovative and Unique Agency Platform

Looking for a revolutionary solution that streamlines the entire booking process?

Prism reduces the administrative burden of managing bookings, contracts, invoices, financials, and payments.

Save countless hours with Connected Show, Prism’s cutting-edge agency feature, that allows you to work seamlessly with venues and promoters.

Keep Track Of All Your Artists And Events Using Prism’s Talent Agency Software And Suite Of Tools

Manage Your Artists with Ease

With Prism, you have everything you need to manage your artists in one centralized location. You can add new artists to your roster, set or edit commission percentages, view upcoming events, and manage files like W-9s and riders, all in one convenient location.


An Intuitive Calendar to Manage Shows & Tours

With Prism's Calendar, you can monitor the entire booking process for your whole roster. See what shows your artists are playing, the venue and the state. Our customizable calendar views allow you to filter by agent or artist to make sure you are only seeing relevant events. Managing tour calendars has never been easier!

Find What You Need, Fast – In One System

Need more specific information or details about a show? Just click into the show on the Calendar to see all of the details on contracts, payments, run of show and key personnel. Keep your tours organized and store key data on venues, promoters, and artist teams all in one system.

Experience the power of Prism’s Agency Platform for yourself and take the first step towards effortless booking management.

Streamlined Collaboration And Stronger Partner Communications

Create Custom Itineraries for Your Artists’ Teams in Prism!

With Prism, you can effortlessly build custom itineraries for your artists’ teams that cover all the logistical information they need to know for their shows or tours. Whether you need to share contact or deal information with the artist team or simply give the marketing team an overview without the numbers, Prism lets you create multiple versions of the itinerary.

Preview the itinerary before sharing it with managers and publicists to ensure everything is in order. Start building your custom itineraries today and take your services to the next level!

Cutting-edge Features for working with Venues and Promoters

Connected Show is a powerful feature that allows you to import Prism offers directly into your account with the click of a button! This automates the data entry process and reduces human error when building out contracts.

Effortlessly Manage Your Agency Contacts with Prism's Contact Book

The Contact Book in Prism makes managing your agency contacts a breeze. You can easily keep track of all your contacts, their assigned roles, related artists and events in one centralized location. Streamline your professional network of contacts inside Prism.


A Revolutionary Bulk Email Feature for Booking Agencies

Mail Merge is an incredible communication tool from Prism that allows you to easily chase down deposits and signatures for contracts. You can quickly send emails to a list of contacts by role or event with relevant show details, making your communications more efficient. In less than a few minutes, you can send bulk emails to all the promoters on a tour with specific details from each event included automatically. It’s a huge time-saver!

With Mail Merge you can make the most of your time by streamlining your follow-ups, contract responses, and communication efforts. Quickly send updates on overdue deposits, provide links to the latest marketing assets, and much more.

Watch the demo video or learn more about Mail Merge here.

Boost Your Productivity With Automated Contract Management & Tracking

Simplify Your Workflow With Our Deal Tracker

Looking to stay ahead of the game in the fast-paced world of live music, arts, and entertainment? Prism's Deal Tracker allows you to keep up with all contracts, offers and bookings with ease.

You'll never have to worry about missed deadlines or payments – our Deal & Payment Tracker combined keeps you informed and in control of your contracts and payments ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.


Generate Flexible Contracts

Our platform lets you dial in every financial element, including deals, ticket scaling, merch rates and more. You'll have the power to generate professional, polished contracts that reflect the exact terms you and your partners agree to.

And because we're committed to making things easier for agencies, we’ve created templates that allow you to standardize the language you use in your contracts.

Settlement Process made Easy for Peace of Mind

When it comes to settlements, peace of mind is everything. And that's why agencies, venues, and promoters all love Prism. Our platform gives you the accuracy, detail, and transparency you need to feel confident that settlements are reliable and error-free.

Clear and Intuitive Financial Administrative Tools


Track Deposits & Payments

Managing your deposits and payments is business-critical, and Prism has you covered. The days of long delays before you get paid are coming to an end – with Prism, you'll have everything centralized, making it easy to keep track of each show and what is owed to you. But keeping track of payments is just the start. With Prism’s Mail Merge feature you’ll easily be able to follow up with hundreds of people on late payments!

Financial Data & Reporting

With real-time financial reporting capabilities, you can monitor your artist payouts and commissions, from estimates and forecasts to actuals. Prism is customizable to fit your needs, offering daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports, so you always have the data you need at your fingertips.

But Prism isn't just about keeping tabs on your finances. With its robust data, you can gain valuable insights into how particular agents, artists, genres, or tours are performing in your business. Your agents can look up historical data and events and see what’s worked in the past for similar artists. Equipped with this information, you can make better decisions for your artists when routing future tours.


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