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Music Artist Management: How Technology Is Making It Easier

By Juan Torres | August 31, 2021

How’s That Music Artist Management Thing Going for You? Successful music artist management is no easy feat. As a venue owner, you could be juggling multiple artists in one night—and each artist has their contract…

music venue scaled

Signs You Need a Venue Management System

By Juan Torres | August 5, 2021

How can a Venue Management System help Venue Managers? It’s no secret that managing a venue means handling dozens of tasks every day. Therefore, a venue manager’s role is difficult to describe in just a…

music booking agent scaled

How to Become a Competitive Music Booking Agent

By Juan Torres | July 27, 2021

What does a Music Booking Agent Do? The music booking agent role is one of the most challenging ones in the live music industry. Not only do you have to work around the clock, delivering…

marcela laskoski YrtFlrLo2DQ unsplash

Concert Cost Breakdown: Where Does the Money Go?

By Juan Torres | July 23, 2021

The Impact of Higher Ticket Prices in Concert Cost Breakdown Just to get an initial idea of concert cost breakdown, let’s consider data from Statista, which found the average ticket price to see an artist…

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What to Look for In Music Promoter Tools

By Juan Torres | June 22, 2021

What are Music Promoter Tools for? Music promoter tools play a crucial role in enhancing your performance and results as a live event producer. But what exactly can they help you do to increase your…

Prism Choosing an Event and Show Management System

Replace Legacy Tools with a Show Management System

By Juan Torres | June 15, 2021

Ditch the Spreadsheets with a Show Management System Are you looking to up your game in the live event management industry? You’re possibly still relying on manual spreadsheets, disorganized emails, and labor-intensive note-taking on anything…

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What to Look For in your Business Event Management Software

By Juan Torres | June 13, 2021

What’s in Your Business Event Management Software?  By now, you might be using business event management software to run your venue or events, or at least you should be. Long gone are the manual processes…

venues hero1

Choosing The Best Event Management App

By Juan Torres | June 8, 2021

Event Management Apps: So Many Tools, So Little Time Are you realizing you need an event management app to help you do your job faster? It’s no surprise. Manually tracking calendars, venues, offers, settlements, financials,…

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The Case for Music Festival Software in Pandemic Times

By Juan Torres | May 11, 2021

Music Festival Software Had a Huge Purpose Before 2020 Until early 2020, live music festivals steadily increased in popularity, particularly for millennials who generally prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than accumulating material…

Event Ticketing Software for Event Promoters

How to Improve Event Management with Event Ticketing Software

By Juan Torres | May 10, 2021

Event Ticketing Software as a Competitive Tool As a live music professional in the event management space, you probably struggle to carve out a niche in this highly competitive industry. There are so many other…

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