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Five Great Ideas for Music Festival Marketing Campaigns

By Joe Bell | March 10, 2022

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your festival’s tickets will fly off the shelves simply because we’ve been in a live entertainment drought for two years. Marketing is still…

Prism and Etix Announce Integration Partnership To Instantly Update Show Financials In Real Time

By Joe Bell | February 7, 2022, the leader in live music management technology, has announced a partnership with Etix, the largest independent ticketing company in North America. The partnership provides an integration between the two technologies to update show financials…

making a budget tracking finances

Music Venue Management: Moving Past Spreadsheets to Track Concert Budgets

By Juan Torres | January 18, 2022

After industry professionals took the time to figure out how to hold live shows and generate revenue safely in 2021, the new year holds a great deal of promise for a more normal landscape of…

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A Booking Agency Platform Built for Live Music

By Joe Bell | January 5, 2022

The modern booking agent is expected to know their way around technology. Some of the top skills required for booking agents include proficiency in email communication and design, virtual client engagement, maintaining the company website,…

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What You Need to Know About Music Venue Profitability

By Joe Bell | December 23, 2021

After the year and a half we’ve had, it’s a relief to be able to host live music events again. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, venue owners across the country were under immense pressure to stay…

Prism Team

Prism Launches Much Anticipated Agency Platform

By Joe Bell | December 6, 2021

Prism, the leader in live music management software, has launched its highly anticipated agency platform.  Utilizing a recent $8M Series A fund, Prism adds agency support to its management platform offerings.   The Agency platform takes…

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9 Benefits of Artist Booking Agency Software

By Joe Bell | November 24, 2021

Considering that breaking an artist into a major market can cost $2 million, managing artist bookings requires finesse, attention to detail and a high degree of organization. It involves a lot of site visits and…

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How to Find the Best Artist Booking Platform for Live Music

By Joe Bell | November 17, 2021

After being cooped up inside for a year and a half, people just want to get out and do something. Many people are turning toward live music events even when money is tight. As a…

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8 Tips on Building a Concert Budget Template to Guide the Settlement

By Joe Bell | November 8, 2021

As the live music industry comes back to life, we need to ensure that every dollar we spend on putting on grand events is used effectively. Likely due to COVID impact, 66% of event organizers…

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Music Booking Agent Software: Managing Your Roster’s Calendar

By growthdigital | October 29, 2021

Securing venues for the artists you represent is all about relationships. Ensuring that all the parties you work with are adequately taken care of is crucial to your success as a booking agent. But let’s…

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