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9 Benefits of Artist Booking Agency Software

Considering that breaking an artist into a major market can cost $2 million, managing artist bookings requires finesse, attention to detail and a high degree of organization. It involves a lot of site visits and coordination with several stakeholders.

The market is very competitive, and several agencies out there want to provide top-notch services to their clients. As a result, it’s imperative to use effective artist booking agency software for your business instead of managing everything manually and leaving room for goof ups.

One of the most critical aspects of managing artist bookings is keeping track of everything, from how much money you’ve earned to which concerts are coming up next. Booking management software helps you do that and much more. Here are some benefits of booking management software.

Benefits of Artist Booking Agency Software

Streamline processes

The right booking agency software lets you automate many processes that might have taken a lot of time when done manually. This includes creating invoices, creating a budget, taking bookings, and updating clients on their bookings, which are all streamlined by the software. It also means that managers can spend more time strategizing how to grow their artist management business.

Top-quality software also allows you to create templates for automating tasks such as invoices and reports to help you save time. You can then use these templates repeatedly across your clients without changing many details each time.

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Improving communication with clients

One of the most critical aspects of managing artists is keeping your clients happy. This means updating them about the concerts they are interested in and finding out their preferences for future gigs.

The right booking agency software should come with a built-in messaging system whereby you can communicate quickly and easily with your clients. It’s better than sending long emails because it provides more information in a concise manner – without getting lost in Inboxes.

The software allows you to track the number of messages sent and who has read or received each message. This feature ensures you don’t need to check if your clients are aware of their bookings, as the software will automatically do this.

Less paperwork

Managing artist bookings can be very time-consuming because you need to track how many gigs they have had, the type of music they are playing, and their rates for each gig.

This is where booking agency software comes to your rescue because it provides an easy way to manage your artists and bookings, as well as a system that keeps track of all past transactions. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the paperwork, and everything will be done for you by the software – from saving receipts to updating clients on their bookings.

You can set up rules for creating bills, recording income and payments. This means that you will never miss out on any payments or deals because the software will automatically do everything.

Easier delegation

Managing your artists during concerts can be hectic because you need to be present at all times.

The right booking agency software allows you to delegate tasks such as updating clients and making bookings to your employees. You personally don’t need to attend every gig and monitor everything in person because the software consolidates the data in one place so you can send someone else who has access to this real-time data.

The software also offers the benefit of time and cost savings. For example, by automating tasks such as updating clients’ details and creating timely reports, you can spend more time on business development activities, resulting in more profit for the agency.

Access to reports

Top-quality booking agency software comes with built-in reporting features that allow managers to monitor the progress of their entire artist management business. You can see at a glance which artists are consistently selling the most tickets, your break-even number, and how much the artist is bringing in each month. This information is vital because it allows managers to find out which areas need improvement to grow.

Some software allows users to create their reports based on specific criteria, which can also be very helpful. For example, if managers want to see the income earned by each artist in a report, they can do it easily with software. This provides business owners with more power over their artists and how they are performing.

Get historical and forecasted insights

Top-quality booking agency software allows managers to get historical and forecasted insights, which can be very helpful.

Managers can pinpoint the best time for booking gigs, more easily negotiate rates, and plan so they can estimate their margin and income with precision. These benefits allow business owners to make more money from each performance because they know when to book gigs, how to budget, and how much to charge for tickets.

And since the software does everything instead of relying on memory, out-of-date spreadsheets or even sticky notes, business owners have a greater insight into their income and expenses, which can also lower tax payments.

Increase customer satisfaction

A standout feature of top-quality booking agency software allows clients to contact managers whenever they need to, making communication between clients and agency timely and effective. Top-quality booking agency software allows managers to keep their clientele well informed about upcoming events or changes in the schedule, which keeps them coming back for more.

Managers can also include coupons or discounts in their emails which encourage clients to shop with them. This helps increase customer satisfaction and makes managers more money out of each performance.

Greater access to venues and event organizers

Managers and their artists who use top-quality booking agency software often get greater access to venues and event organizers. When managers can send the details of their performers’ availability to all venues and event organizers in a specific area, provided they have permission from their clients, business owners can increase their opportunities and book more gigs, increasing their income.

Managers can also negotiate better rates with venues and event organizers when they have more artists and dates to book for performances. This also makes managers more competitive than other companies who would like to book the same venues or events.

Organizes calendars in one place

Many top-quality booking agency software solutions have built-in calendar management features that allow managers and their artists to keep track of upcoming performances. In turn, business owners and performers always know where and when they will work each day without looking at several calendars or trying to sync them. This gives them more time to plan, rest, and recuperate for their performances, missing no bookings.

Top-quality booking agency software also allows users to input their schedule details to send them out to their clients. This creates peace of mind for everyone involved because managers can keep track of bookings, and artists are aware of what is happening.

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Work Faster, Not Harder

Artist booking agency software allows managers and their clients to enjoy various benefits that make it easier for everyone involved.

Prism can help you avail these benefits. With our software solution, you will enjoy greater access to venues and event organizers, know when to book gigs and negotiate better rates for them and make more money out of every booking. For more information about how we can help your company succeed in the entertainment industry, reach out to us today

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