Tower Theatre OKC leverages Prism to Streamline Operations, Boost Efficiency and Reduce Stress

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From Street Team Member to Concert Venue Operator: Chad’s Journey

Passion and creativity are at the heart of the live music industry, igniting the souls of fans and live music professionals alike. For Chad Whitehead, that passion began in his youth when he volunteered in the Salt Lake City music scene as part of the street team for various concerts and events. As he grew older, he honed his skills by working more closely with music promoters and eventually started promoting his own shows. Despite carving out a successful career in the industry, the 2008 mortgage banking crisis forced Chad to call it quits, thinking he had run his course in music.


However, fate had other plans for Chad’s musical journey. In 2017, Chad and his partner were given a golden opportunity to become the operators of the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City, which had suffered decades of disrepair. This historic venue, with a 1000-person capacity, had undergone extensive renovation and was now poised to become a beacon for live music events in the region. In a bold move, the team at Tower Theatre OKC also opened a 500-capacity Beer City Music Hall and a 150-capacity bar called Ponyboy, adding an extra layer of excitement and diversity to the live music scene.

The Challenge of Multiple Systems, Docs And Spreadsheets

The team at Tower Theatre OKC had to manage multiple calendars, documents and spreadsheets to keep track of their shows, deals and financials. They began by using Google Docs and Google Calendar to run their operations, however this resulted in tedious and time-consuming work for everyone. They then turned to Promoter Ops, which helped but was essentially a calendar, and still fell short in terms of what they needed. Just like most venues, settling on event night was still prone to error with fuzzy-eyed late-night math.


Chad and the team recognized that they needed a stronger software solution that was geared towards live events, one that could offer more functionality beyond just a calendar. That’s when they discovered Prism—a comprehensive management and booking solution for live event venues, promoters and agents. It became obvious that there was much more power under the hood beyond a calendar. With Prism's ability to handle everything from offers to accounting to settlement, the team at Tower Theatre OKC realized the impact it could have on their operations. Over the years, Chad and his team have trained their staff to fully utilize as many features of Prism as possible to ensure accuracy and save time, and the results have been powerful.


"Prism does all the in-between stuff," Chad said. "We put good data in, and the result is good outputs. It saves us a lot of time across the board from accounting to offers to settlement."


Prism has been a game-changer for Tower Theatre OKC, allowing them to streamline their event management and booking processes. With Prism, the team can now skip a lot of the time-consuming work and automate calculations and profit splits, making their team much more efficient and reducing the risk of errors.

Offers + Settlements in Prism

For a while, Chad and his team at Tower Theatre OKC were still using their own format for creating offers, which seemed to work fine. However, when Chad took a closer look at Prism's comprehensive features for accounting, offers, and settlements it made sense to make the switch to Prism’s offers. 


“It takes all of the stress out of settlements! Once we started using offers and settlements in Prism, settlements became so easy, streamlined and efficient."


Once Chad and his team began using Prism's offer functionality, everything changed. Settlement negotiations, which can often be stressful and time-consuming, became more straightforward and considerably easier. With all the information in one place, Prism made it simple for the team to generate offers and settlements quickly, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Ticket Integrations in Prism

What's more, the integration of Prism with Prekindle's ticketing software made keeping track of ancillary revenue and expenses seamless. The ease of integration and Prism's capabilities allowed the team to have an accurate understanding of their ticket sales in relation to revenue and expenses without the need for manual calculations. The result was a streamlined process that reduced stress and saved time.

Undoubtedly, Prism has proved to be an immense asset for Chad and his team at Tower Theatre OKC. By utilizing Prism's features to the fullest extent possible, they have been able to save hundreds of hours by simplifying and automating complicated processes, freeing up time for growing their business and better shows. The software has enabled the team to focus on delivering top-notch live music experiences to their guests while keeping complex operations organized and stress-free.

If you’re looking for more efficiency and to save time for your live music or events business, book a demo of Prism to see if it’s the right solution for you.

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