How to Promote a Concert

How Do You Promote Concerts?

Concert promotion is all about booking talent, securing venues and marketing the concert. Concert promoters work with talent buyers, artists, personal managers, agents, venue managers, ticketing companies, sound and lighting technicians, graphic designers, marketing pros, transportation companies, and even caterers. A single concert may require hundreds of tasks that must be expertly managed in order for the show to go as planned.

For many who have been in the business long enough to understand the intricacies and inter-dependencies of pulling off a show, how they promote a concert is their secret sauce. They all do it a bit differently and likely believe their way is their differentiator. Because every concert requires certain tasks to be completed in order for the concert to happen, there hasn’t been a whole lot that promoters can do to set themselves apart.

If you ask a concert promoter how they’re different, beyond the size of shows they promote, they will frequently say it’s their stellar communication skills, organizational skills or interpersonal skills that make them successful. Yet, because so many believe these attributes are their key differentiators, they have to do things radically differently from everyone else to truly stand out.

Thanks to technology, concert promotion is getting a facelift, enabling concert promoters to not only be more competitive but also widen the gap between themselves and everyone else.

Multitasking Isn’t The Answer

The Balance says some of the best attributes a budding concert promoter can have are being organized, great with people and a music lover. Even with these skills, however, promoters need tools. Smartphones, tablets and PCs rule their lives, as do all of the different applications on them. The unfortunate reality is most of these applications are completely separated from each other, forcing the promoter to switch from application to application, often manually transferring data from one system to the next.

This is a highly inefficient practice, yet it’s all promoters have had at their disposal until now. With technology, the answer to how to promote a concert has radically changed, removing much of the manual tasks in favor of automation.

Keep in mind, the skills required to be a successful concert promoter have not changed with the addition of technology. A promoter must still be organized, a people person and have a passion for music. Technology only helps them utilize those skills more effectively. In fact, because technology automates many of the tasks they’re used to spending so much time doing themselves, they actually have more time to focus on the people part of the business and enjoy the concerts they promote.

Automation Improves Time Management and Reduces Risk

Automation is key in promoting concerts. Something as simple as automating email reminders to your customer base to encourage ticket sales can do wonders. For etix, a leading ticketing and marketing platform, they saw an additional $1.8 million in additional ticket revenue for their partner venues and live events by automating their email reminders. It’s this kind of automation is relieving much of the burden on music promoters, allowing them to spend that time doing more productive things. Even more, it’s giving concert promoters the ability to reach more people at the right times with the right messaging.

Emails aren’t the only system being automated. Many concert promoters are realizing their entire system of promoting a concert needs revamping. They are adopting automation software for venue management and talent buying as well. The software provides an integrated platform where concert promoters can do most of their tasks in one place. By having all of their data in a single location and their various applications integrated, they save a ton of time, reduce their risk for human error, and make their lives much simpler.

This is good news, being that the American Psychological Association found that switching between tasks eats up as much as 40 percent of productive time. Even if you think you’re great at multitasking, the science shows it’s not an effective strategy. By removing as many manual tasks as possible and integrating data, you’re making better use of your time. Automating tasks may give you time to book more shows, nurture valuable professional relationships, have a better work/life balance and/or take your company to the next level.

How to Promote a Concert Leveraging Technology

If you’re not convinced by now, let’s take it a step further and look at exactly what automated talent buying and venue management software can do for you.

First, it will streamline your process. Instead of disconnected systems and ridiculously complex spreadsheets, you’re using an integrated platform that brings your calendar, offer generation, revenue and expense tracking, settlement, collaboration, and reporting all in one place. No more switching back and forth between applications or being tied to your office because you can’t access the data you need from your mobile phone.

The software isn’t your basic software, either, at least if it was developed with concert promoters in mind. Take, for instance, offer generation. What system are you using for that task? With automated software, you can build offers of any size right from your mobile device while you look at real-time break-even calculations. You can generate professional, branded offers in less than a minute. How much time would that save you?

The automation goes even further by allowing you to set up specific templates by every deal type to speed the offer generation process on every concert. Auto-fill fields eliminate the need for repetitive, manual entries and the risk for a mistake.

If you’re looking at automation software to promote a concert, be sure to find one with an embedded financial component. Not all have them, even though this is one of the biggest burdens for concert promoters. It only makes sense to have a system where your ticketing platform is integrated with all of your costs so you can see in real-time exactly where you stand. You can track expenses as they occur instead of after settlement. This will give you a better handle on the health of your business and allow you to build more accurate budgets in the future as you can see trends and predict spend.

Modernizing Concert Promotion

Just as most everything we do in our personal lives has been automated and streamlined, so too can concert promotion. It makes no sense to use disconnected systems to run a business. It requires too many manual efforts, multitasking and time. Concert promoters never have enough time. It also opens the company up to too much risk – risk that can be easily avoided through automation.

These risks aren’t only a simple mistaken number in a spreadsheet. Risks can be anything from the wrong date being booked, an error in a settlement that isn’t immediately discovered, a missed email from a promoter or a voicemail from a venue manager that was never received. While these may all be innocent missteps, they can quickly lead to pissed off clients, poor ticket sales and lost revenue.

Yes, how to promote a concert is changing, but this change is the change the industry needs. Concert promoters finally have the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively, building their brand and reputation along the way. There’s never been a better time to jump onto the automation bandwagon and just might give you the competitive edge you need.

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