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Finally. Event management software that actually works the way it should for music industry professionals. It’s automated, integrated and streamlined.

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Prism can help you be more profitable

Booking artists and venues is not for the faint of heart, and it’s not always easy to turn a profit. Prism is here to help improve your process and your bottom line.

Prism helps venues and promoters achieve greater success by doing more of what they love and less of the things that hold them back - the spreadsheets, the endless phone calls and emails...the chaos.

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Prism connects the pieces

Prism offers a simplified solution for the complex process of booking shows, managing rooms, and routing tours for every level or artist or industry professional. We provide one-click integrations with:


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Prism was founded by and built for music industry pros

We get the live music industry because we all come from the live music industry. Only people who’ve been in your shoes understand how many moving parts are involved with booking shows and managing venues. We combined music industry knowledge with software development experience to bring you Prism.

Prism is a productivity tool that combines collaboration, calendar management, financials and analytics for a repeatable process to book talent at venues. Everything you need is in one place, automated and accessible in a few clicks. With Prism, you get more accomplished with fewer resources.

Who Needs Prism?

Everything we do at Prism is geared around what those in the live music industry really need - automation + integration + a single system

Calendar Management

Prism for Venues

Track and manage any type of promoter request easily and quickly with fewer resources for maximum

Offer Generation

Prism for Promoters

See top-line financials and analytics for historical and forward-looking data to keep tabs on the flow of money

Revenue & Expense Tracking

Prism for Artists

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Take back your weekend.
Let Prism settle your shows.