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What to Look for In Music Promoter Tools

What are Music Promoter Tools for?

Music promoter tools play a crucial role in enhancing your performance and results as a live event producer. But what exactly can they help you do to increase your productivity? The answer starts by taking a look at some of your daily tasks.

According to, “Music promoters might work for musicians or for venues that produce live music shows. Their responsibilities could include helping performers reach their target audiences and selling concert tickets, music recordings, and band merchandise. Agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes, which can include music promoters, usually need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. A career as a music promoter may be ideal for those interested in working on the business side of the music industry.”

A musician’s or live venue’s success is mainly dependent on your efforts as a music promoter. Frequently, you may work for music venues and/or for the musicians themselves, especially if you are independent. Therefore, you require high flexibility, mobility, and adaptability to get your daily job done.

As a music promoter, you may need a wide variety of skills such as marketing, management, communication, budgeting, and finances; planning and organizing; human resources, among others.

The best music promoter tools will help you achieve your goals faster, more accurately, and on time. You should be able to find one that covers most of your daily responsibilities in an organized, agile manner.

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Productivity Habits to Boost your Music Promoting Business

The greatest music promoters excel at what they do by implementing productivity habits to keep them on track. These practices go hand-in-hand with leading music promoter tools to maintain the mobility and efficiency they need.

Great Work Life gathered a series of productivity hacks, valid for every professional. Let’s take a look at some of them which may help you in your music promoting duties.

Identify and prioritize business-critical goals

Whether it’s sales growth, improved customer service, faster product development, or cost reduction, every business leader knows what they need to accomplish first. This is no different in the music promotion business. Make sure you are clear about the critical goals you want to reach for yourself and your team and avoid getting trapped in insignificant tasks that may take you away from the big picture.

Stop wasting time on external distractions

There’s competition for your eyes and your attention among social media companies, app developers, and websites. Their advertisement revenue, website traffic, and sales are a product of your engagement. 

However, the top enemy of productivity is a distraction. After being interrupted, the average worker takes 23 minutes to return to their original task, according to researchers at the University of California. If you have five interruptions every day, it could generate nearly 2.5 hours of overtime. 

Distractions are what prevent you from optimizing your free time and being successful at work. For example, a common distraction for music promoters is switching from app to app to find all the information they need to complete their goals. Getting a comprehensive music promoter tool will help you avoid this particular hassle by putting everything you need in one place.

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Be disciplined

Keeping a disciplined schedule during the workday allows you to spend your spare time wisely. It can be challenging to focus on the critical business goals and tune out all distractions, but you know that means more time at work when you don’t. Your life as a music promoter may be naturally hectic, but being disciplined and relying on the best tech for it, could let you ease this aspect of your work, relieve some of the stress, and give you a better work-life balance.

Inbox zero

Make sure you read and respond only to emails that need to be addressed each day by automating your email workflow. Your goal should be to have “inbox zero” by the end of every workday. An excellent way to make this hack possible is to have all your email concentrated in a single, easy-to-access place. Some people set aside a block of time each day dedicated solely to going through emails. 

Talking instead of emailing

If team members or even third parties keep emailing you or CCing you on threads they think you will find interesting, it can be very disruptive and waste valuable time. Whenever you need to act upon something important, make sure your team or other stakeholders briefly speak or chat with you. By not reading and deciphering every email yourself, you will save time.

An ideal music promoter tool includes collaboration features to make this hack easier.

What Features Should you Look for in Music Promoter Tools?

At this point, you may be asking yourself what features to look for in music promoter tools and, most importantly, if there’s one solution to meet all your needs. 

Let’s review some of the recommended functionalities first: 

Industry-friendly design

Usability matters. You want a tool that is easy to use and navigate so you can spend time on more of what you love and less of what makes you unproductive. If you want to get rid of spreadsheets, countless phone calls, emails about ticketing, and chaos surrounding setting up venues for shows, then you need to choose music promoter tools that address each of these hassles.

Collaboration and communication

You need to access sensitive information on one platform while connecting all team members and stakeholders. Every person on your team needs to work on projects in one place, giving you the ability to track communications between them easily. Additionally, the best solutions allow you to sort historical records of all show details and communications per event, distribute tasks and deadlines per stakeholder, and keep sensitive information private. 


With the right music promotion tool, you can monitor and report adjustments, payouts, and additional expenses and revenue. You can also generate custom-branded settlement sheets in one click to expedite the process with an artist, agent, or tour manager. You can create separate internal and external settlement reports as well. Make sure your platform calculates accurate taxes and other variable expenses instantly, so you never have to worry about overpaying or underpaying an artist again.

Offer generation

You should be able to work up offers quickly, place a hold, send proposals, or settle a show even when on the go if you use music promoter tools that adapt to desktop or mobile devices. 

Real-time expense tracking

An ideal app will allow you to add marketing and production costs in a few clicks to create a real-time financial tracking system. The system should enable venues to enter ticket revenue and expenses related to a show without revealing deal details or other information about other shows.

Centralized calendars 

Look for a music promoter tool with one integrated calendar so you can visualize all your offers at multiple venues. This will make it easier to maintain track of the ones you need to follow up on. You want one where you can configure your calendar permissions and accesses as needed. 


The purpose of a music promotion tool is to allow you to always know where you stand with every show, including automated ticket counts, dashboards, and reports. You’ll want to see show notes, profitability, and other highlights of previous offers with specific agents or the whole agency in order to make informed future booking decisions.

If you’re still wondering if there’s a single solution for live music managers to cover these features and more, the answer is yes. With Prism, concert and event management is streamlined and centralized. Instead of error-prone spreadsheets, Prism’s mobile-friendly platform allows music promoters to manage more with less effort while eliminating redundancies, improving team communication and streamlining the entire settlement process. Get started now.

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