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9 Tips to Make Your Live Music Venue More Successful

Live music venues are entering uncharted waters as the industry experiences rapid growth. With promoters and venue operators striving to create unique experiences for bands and audiences, the competition is fierce. As crowds return to live events, venues have the opportunity to fine-tune their operations and refocus on long-term goals to build their businesses.  While…

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How Do Today’s Concert Promoters Find Artists?

Being a concert promoter can be one of the most rewarding roles in live music management, but it’s also one of the most varied and challenging. A passion for going where the music takes you is a must! However, we’ve noticed that the best promoters tend to balance passion and spontaneity with a bedrock of…

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Marketing Concerts at Small and Large Venues: Key Differences To Know

The versatility of live music continues to be one of the hallmarks of the music industry. While the biggest events tend to get the most publicity, audiences can often feel the strength of live music at the most intimate of local venues, where they come to make a closer connection with their favorite artists. As…

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A venue manager's checklist for effective concert schedule planning

A Venue Manager’s Checklist for Effective Concert Schedule Planning

Looking to capitalize on the recent surge in live music ticket sales? As the industry booms following a period of uncertainty, venue managers must prepare for flawless event execution. The success of your events and the satisfaction of your event partners will directly impact your ability to benefit from the growing interest in live music…

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How To Go From Independent Booking Agent to Building a Boutique Agency

Establishing an independent booking agency is no easy feat. It requires meticulous attention to detail and top-notch organization in the fiercely competitive live music industry. But for many, running a one-person operation is just the beginning, and the ultimate goal is to transform it into a successful boutique agency capable of expanding into new territories.…

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What to Expect from the Concert and Event Promotion Industry in 2023

If 2022 was the year of record inflation and uncertainty in live music and elsewhere, 2023 promises to be the opening act of a complex but promising future. With demand for shows very high and supply chain issues showing signs of easing, the concert and event promotion industry is filled with new opportunities for music…

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How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the Growth of Live Music Venues

The complexity of today’s live music world can feel overwhelming for even the most tried and tested industry insiders. Venue owners have to navigate an increasingly challenging marketplace, all while finding new marketing opportunities and operating leaner. Mapping out an achievable plan has never been more critical for music venues hoping to thrive in the…

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Tips for Booking Agents to Keep Track of Financials and Artists

The shakeup of live music in the last few years has ushered in an era of rapidly shifting industry dynamics. While music professionals scramble to figure out how to tap into new revenue streams and maintain clients, staying organized on the bookkeeping side has never been more critical to success. Booking agents who have a…

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Tips for Setting Growth Goals for Your Agency

As with many industries, certain time-tested methods have proven themselves to be essential in growing a successful music agency. Some of these strategies include developing a deep understanding of the agency’s music genre, advancing its reputation industry-wide as being reliable, professional, and well-organized, and last but not least, growing an agency by networking and making…

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Prism Launches First-Ever Co-Pro System

At Prism, we’re proud of how closely we partner with venues, promoters and booking agencies   to serve the unique needs of the live music industry. Now, after a lot of partner requests, exploration and testing we’re excited to share with you the world’s first Co-Pro system! Our latest add-on premium feature takes the innovative…

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