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Prism helps promoters achieve greater success by doing more of what they love and fewer of the things that hold them back. Prism combines calendar management, communication with venues, financials, and analytics for a fast, repeatable process to book and settle shows. Gone are the spreadsheets, the endless phone calls, emails about ticket scaling, and the chaos of making sure the venue is ready for the show.

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Generate Offers Faster

Whether on a desktop or a mobile device, Prism allows promoters to work up offers faster, place a hold, send an offer, or settle a show on the go. From hold to settlement, everything you need is in one place with Prism.

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“I feel like I’m shaving off at least 30 to 50 percent of the time I put into building an offer and making sure I had the correct hold placement. Now everything is in one place and I don’t have to constantly reach out to people anymore for information. It’s all right there in Prism."

Anthony Stevenson
Founder & Owner of Come and Take It Productions

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Real-Time Expense Tracking

With just a couple of clicks, add your marketing and production expenses to Prism for automated, real-time financial tracking. Allow venues to enter ticket revenue and expenses related to a show, without exposing deal finances or details of other shows. You’re always in control of your data.

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“It’s a budgeting tool, it’s a financial tool, it’s the only thing that’s available that follows us from the hold stage all the way to settlement with confirmation and paying the artist."

Ric Leichtung
Founder & Events Director of AdHoc

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All your Calendars in One Place

Track your holds at multiple venues on one integrated calendar to increase efficiency and not lose track of offers that need following up on. Set permissions and access to all your calendars, as needed. No need to worry about privacy settings, Prism lets you control who has access to everything from holds to confirmed events.

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“This is my favorite booking / management tool period. Don't know how I survived before. No joke."

Eddie Jorgensen
Talent Buyer, SBL Entertainment

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Historical and Forecasted Insights

Through automated ticket counts, a show health dashboard, and customizable reports, Prism allows you to always know where you stand with every show. Reference past offers with certain agents, or a whole agency, to see show notes, profitability, and make informed decisions on what to book next.

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“Using Prism to book shows was like switching from a rotary phone to a smartphone. I only vaguely remember what it was like and I don't know how we ever lived without em."

David Machinist
Heard Entertainment

Shared Holds

Shared Holds is an opt-in feature that allows trusted promoters to receive next available holds automatically at the venues they regularly work with, within Prism. Rather than having to email back and forth, you can just select dates at a trusted venue, and receive the holds you would normally get, all without seeing other holds or confirmed events that exist on the venue’s calendar. Shared Holds also includes real-time notifications when holds are placed, updated, or confirmed, so everyone has the information they need at their fingertips.

With all of the innovative features you need streamlined into one product, Prism makes your job easier so you can focus on promoting and selling out shows.

With Prism, It’s Settled.

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