Why Prism Management Software for Venues

Software Designed for Music Venues, by Music Venue Owners

Finally - the venue management software that's actually built from the ground up for venue operators. Prism makes your life easier, whether you manage a 300 cap club, performing arts center, amphitheater, or arena.

Improve Your Booking Process


Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Production details including run of show, files, and notes can all be centralized on an event to track alongside your offer and settlement details. Manage what each team member has access to with the flexible permissions in Prism. Also, assign tasks and deadlines to team members to stay on top of everything related to a show in real time.


"Prism is fantastic. I kind of wonder what I did without it now that I have it. We have a weekly Tuesday meeting. We all go down the list and look at the health of the shows in Prism and see how they’re performing. It’s hours upon hours upon hours of time saved every week."

Josh Baker
Talent Buyer & Owner at MOKB Presents


Automated Reports

Always know where you stand with every event through automated ticket counts and an event health dashboard. Prism offers customizable reports that can be automatically generated weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, so you can spend less time on spreadsheets and data entry and more time operating your venue!


“Before Prism, we never tracked our business with this level of detail. Prism helps us manage our live event process; it saves time and organization by keeping the management of several venues all in one place”

Ty Sutton
President & CEO Dayton Live


Real-Time Expense Tracking

Never miss a reimbursable expense or overtime charge again! Venue operators can track estimated, reported, and actual expenses in one place to monitor profitability and get smarter with each show.


“Everything is in one place for our team to use and gather info for upcoming shows."

Talent Buyer


Powerful Calendar Management

Prism offers more than just a calendar. Add a dozen holds to your venue's calendar with the appropriate hold level with a single drag or click. Send a hold report for any show and automatically release holds when a target date confirms. Our integrated calendar helps you make sure that nothing gets lost in email and every opportunity is tracked.

whit oak music hall

"Prism allows us to book as many shows as we can while also being able to save costs where we can. Prism makes it easy to decipher. It lets us get ahead of it. It gives us the answers."

Luis Rivera
General Manager of White Oak Music Hall

Shared Holds

Shared Holds is an opt-in feature that allows trusted promoters or agents to receive next available holds automatically within Prism. Rather than having to email back and forth, a trusted partner can just select dates, and receive the holds you would normally give them, all without seeing other holds or confirmed events that exist on your calendar. Shared Holds also includes real-time notifications when holds are placed, updated, or confirmed, so everyone has the information they need at their fingertips.

With all of the innovative features you need streamlined into one product, Prism makes your job easier so you can focus on promoting and selling out shows.

With Prism, It’s Settled.

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