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Prism AMA

AMA: Answers to Your Questions About Music Promotor Tools

By Juan Torres | June 21, 2019

If you are like most of the music promoters, venue owners and managers, and artist reps we chat with you’ve likely never purchased software tools designed to help music promoters succeed. It’s just not something…


How to Sell Concert Management Software to a Skeptic

By Juan Torres | June 10, 2019

We get it. There’s one in every crowd. Maybe it’s your boss. Perhaps it’s your boss’s boss. (Is that grammatically correct? It looks weird.) Or maybe it’s your co-worker who thinks software still comes on…

Is Tour Management System Worth It Prism

Is Tour Management Software Worth The Investment?

By Juan Torres | May 31, 2019

What You Need to Know about Tour Management Software Anyone in the live music industry will tell you that it’s a small miracle tours ever happen at all. Yet, according to Billboard, every year seems…

dylan mullins 1351416 unsplash

3 Top Tips on How to Promote an Event

By Juan Torres | April 30, 2019

How to Promote an Event the Right Way According to the United Nations, 55 percent of the global population now lives in cities and that number is only expected to grow. By 2050, they expect…

john schnobrich 520022 unsplash

Music Promoter Software: What to Look For

By Juan Torres | April 15, 2019

There Has to Be A Better Way Life as a live event promoter typically is full of to-dos that can involve dozens of people, from artists, agents and their teams to management assistants, PR pros,…

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Event Management Software: How Automation Is Changing the Industry

By Juan Torres | March 31, 2019

How Are You Managing Events? The event management industry has been stuck in the 80s. Don’t believe me? How do you manage all of the people, tasks, financials, documents and communications for your events? Is…

joe wyatt 1370985 unsplash

Prism Raises $2.2M in Seed Funding to Extend Its Leadership Position in the Live Music Industry

By Juan Torres | March 8, 2019

We recently announced that our company, Prism, an Austin-based software company dedicated to simplifying the complex process of booking and managing live music events, secured $2.2 million from angel investors including Kip McClanahan, founder of Pershing…

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Venue Management Software: The Key to Booking More Shows?

By Juan Torres | February 12, 2019

How Do You Do What You Do? No matter if you are a venue manager booking arenas or clubs, or you manage a performing arts center, you know that booking shows can be challenging. Running…

filip mroz 167499 unsplash

Strategies for Staying Healthy While Living a Promoter Life

By Juan Torres | November 28, 2018

A music promoter’s life may not be as glamorous as the artists they work with, but it is a pretty awesome gig if you have a passion for music and an eye for business. Income…

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