Concert Promotion Best Practices: Maximizing Success for Music Promoters

Concert Promotion Best Practices: Maximizing Success for Music Promoters

Concert promotion is as much art as it is science. Promoters need to take advantage of trends, find creative ways to generate enthusiasm, and ultimately connect fans to artists in fresh and exciting ways. And they must do it all within a tight budget. Though there is no surefire way to maximize the potential of a show, the savvy concert promoter can duplicate past success while exploring new frontiers.

This ability to balance the past and future is one of the hallmarks of successful concert promotion. While new technology revolutionizes the way we see and understand the audience, live music has always been about capturing pieces from our past. Promoters who can find the right balance are positioned to showcase an upcoming show in the best possible light, opening the door to organic marketing and enhanced revenue.

Five ways to improve your concert promotion strategy

Concert promoters are always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective in their business, especially when it comes to getting the word out about upcoming events. Consider these five paths to improving your ability to reach audiences and set the stage for your next great show.

1) Generate engaging videos from past shows

One of the most straightforward and effective ways to create buzz is to provide fans access to the best moments from past concerts. Before fans put down money for a ticket, they want to get a glimpse of what they’re in for – something they can watch and easily share. Videos can do what words simply cannot: bringing fans right to the forefront of the concert experience. When you have a show you’re especially proud of, posting dynamic video clips can prime your audience for an unmissable event.

A great video can also tap into a music lover’s greatest fear: missing out. Concert promoters who prioritize video give ample incentive for fans to follow through and buy tickets. They can even showcase VIP access that will encourage fans to upgrade their seats to get the best possible experience.

It also helps to utilize all available outlets. Some videos might be taken by crew members or professionals, but some of the best videos come straight from audience members. Promoters who put together digestible clips that can be quickly shared are best positioned to use electrifying moments from past shows to their advantage.  

2) Up your social media and online game

Having great videos is a start, but a subpar social media strategy can blunt their impact. Having a strong social footprint will do more than just let you easily spread videos; it will let you collect and promote compelling audience footage. It’s also important to have a well-functioning website that you can use to connect audiences with videos and relevant social handles.

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Promoters additionally need to find and exploit the right platforms. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can often be helpful; although, it’s hard to overstate the impact of a music-friendly resource like Spotify. Spotify for Artists lets you find fans and gives you valuable demographic information. By promoting concert dates on your Spotify profile, promoters can seamlessly turn interest into new ticket sales.

Building a social presence is important, but you might not have to do all the work on your own. YouTube and Spotify influencers can be particularly helpful for musicians and concert promoters, as influencers can spread event information to large, music-loving audiences. Taking time to network with influencers who have the ear of your audience can be an excellent way to improve your social media strategy.

3) Use data to your advantage

The live music industry has a front-row seat for the ongoing data revolution. Concert promoters have never had more data at their fingertips, with web analytics, cloud management platforms, and real-time ticketing offering a valuable edge. As patterns emerge, promoters can see exactly where their efforts are working (and failing). If ticket sales are sluggish after unveiling a new tactic, it’s time to reevaluate and possibly turn to another promotional tool.

By merging social media data with real-time analytics, promoters can objectively assess how well they’re reaching their target demographic. Even though the intuitive touch of a promoter will always be critical, not effectively using data will make promotion more challenging.  

4) Promote upcoming shows beyond the digital world

Having a good hold on digital promotion is mandatory, but live music promoters can also turn to old-school tactics to great effect. One classic option is to head out into the community to find local businesses that will let you put up flyers in gathering spaces. Universities, coffee shops, and gyms can all be great places to build a groundswell of local support.

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There’s another benefit to successfully using flyers and physical promotional materials. Not only can you spread awareness of a show, but you can build new relationships with business owners who regularly interact with your audience.  

Although putting up flyers may seem like a tactic borrowed from yesterday, it’s a simple and effective way to spread the word while improving your ties to the community. Spending some time generating an eye-catching flyer can be one of the simplest ways to create enthusiasm on a grassroots level.

5) Get creative with giveaways and merchandise

A giveaway can really bring the concert experience home for fans. Not only do they have something they will want to hang on to (and talk about), but it improves the value of the experience. Fans often walk away feeling like they got more than they expected, which can lead to positive reviews and loyalty. Donating tickets coupled with promotional giveaways can be an excellent way to reach new fans and initiate publicity. When done well, a ticket giveaway is much more valuable than the initial lost revenue.

Fans also love merchandise featuring their favorite bands and venues. If your team doesn’t have graphic design ability, hiring a professional designer for tee shirts, posters, and bumper stickers can be well worth the investment.

Beyond the revenue that quality merchandise brings in, there are other benefits to improving your merch strategy. Merchandising is an opportunity to show that you understand your audience, are on top of the latest trends, and are focused on quality. The promoters who cut corners with merchandise are missing out on one of the best ways to connect with audiences and enhance revenues.  

Keeping costs in check

Promoters oversee so many aspects of a concert that it’s easy for promotional costs to spiral out of control. Enthusiasm for an upcoming event can lead to bloated budgets and squeezed bottom lines. But throwing money at promotion is typically less effective than finding creative solutions. One original and captivating social-media post can generate more interest than expanding your marketing budget.

Keep an eye on promotional costs by maintaining adaptability. Everyone has their favorite tools, but being willing to rotate to a new (or old) channel can often be a game changer. In the race to get ahead and use the latest tools, a promoter might overlook the value of an effective SMS messaging campaign. You might be used to Spotify, but maybe your audience is more into Amplify. Being willing to use the tools and platforms your audience is most familiar with can be an easy way to improve reach without breaking the budget.

Staying organized in the competitive world of live music

Concert promoters are epic multi-taskers who thrive on being able to handle many parts of the business. Today’s live music world is more diverse and difficult to navigate. There are so many ways to promote a show or a band that it can be nearly impossible to remain organized. Having a great team around you certainly helps, but many promoters need an organizational boost to remain competitive.

Prism’s platform is designed to keep everything in order as you create and execute your promotional strategy. Promoters using our music-specific management software can stay organized no matter what tools they use to reach their audience. Start a demo today to see how Prism can help you handle the pressures of today’s live music scene

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