Top 5 Venues in Brooklyn That Offer More Than Just Live Music

Music venues are a sanctuary space that most of us find comfort and a sense a home at when visiting them. Whether it be an intimate gig or a large arena, there’s a space out there to cater to everyone’s needs when seeing their favorite artists. In some cases, music venues go above and beyond and offer features beyond live music. So whether you have friends who wants to join you at a show but aren’t as into the music, or you’re looking for new venues to explore, then these spots in Brooklyn may be the destination for your next night out! 

5. The Turks Inn – Bushwick

Photo: Turks Inn Instagram @TurksNYC

A tribute to a Midwestern club of the same name, the recently opened Turks Inn is serving up Middle Eastern fare and live music in the heart of Bushwick. The restaurant offers a dining room, rooftop bar, and even a take out spot featuring vegan Shawarma for your late night adventures. While this venue has plenty to offer the real highlight is The Sultan Room, a 201 standing and 115 seating capacity space with state of the art lighting and effects. To celebrate its opening, The Sultan Room debuted with a number of established indie artists including Porches and Sandy Alex G. So whether you’re looking to catch a show, dine in, have a few drinks on the rooftop, grab a quick bite after or all the above then Turk’s Inn is the place for you!

4. Elsewhere – Bushwick

Photo credit: Elsewhere Facebook Page

Opened and operated by the folks of PopGun Presents in 2017, Elsewhere is a multipurpose music venue, night club, and artspace located in Bushwick near the bustling Jefferson L stop neighborhood. With multiple rooms and a number of events happening almost every night, it is no wonder why Elsewhere has quickly become a staple in the Brooklyn music scene. The venue features two rooms for music: The Hall and Zone One which often showcases up-and-coming acts. There is also The Loft, a smaller room that offers coffee, small bites, free wifi and DJ sets. For those looking for more of an artistic route, there is the Skybridge Project Space which showcases rotating artists’ exhibitions. During the summer, Elsewhere opens its rooftop with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, a speciality drink menu, and diverse lineup of artists. Recently, a Chinese Mission outpost of the California Sichuan food chain opened beneath Elsewhere as well as a record store called Brooklyn Record Exchange, run by independent label Mexican Summer.  With so many different rooms and artists, there’s something for everyone at Elsewhere. 

3. Muchmore’s – Williamsburg

Photo Credit: Muchmore’s Facebook Page 

In an unassuming space in Williamsburg, Muchmore’s offers a performance space, coffee house, and a full bar with events every night ranging from comedy to film screenings to art shows. The venue is also very promising to up and coming musicians and will offer the stage to anyone who wants to play, with a guaranteed response time of two days to hear back. While Muchmore’s is a well known space in the indie music scene, what most people don’t know is that there’s a laundromat in the back of the venue. Yep, you heard that right! You can get laundry done at your friend’s gig while sipping on one of the venue’s many exquisite cocktails, including the Hi Mango which is  made with Soju and grapefruit. According to Muchmore’s website, their goal is to make the space your “home away from home.” With shows every night, full coffee and bar menu, and laundry machines they succeed in doing so. 

2. Rough Trade – Williamsburg 

Photo: Rough Trade’s Facebook Page 

Part of the independent record store chain, Rough Trade is the only US store and the largest location. With the ample space, the store features an abundant vinyl selection, cafe run by British bike manufacturing company Brompton Bicycle, and floorspace for shows presented by Bowery Presents with a full bar. And that’s only on the first floor, the elevated section has a bookstore run by independent publisher Melville House and a balcony for concerts. When there aren’t any shows going on, you can find ping pong tables free to use. The best time to visit Rough Trade is during Record Store Day, where limited edition vinyl become available for sale and the venue holds a free concert with up and coming indie artists. Just make sure to get there early as people start lining up the night before! If you are up for the wait, the venue is generous enough to make hot coffee for the dedicated shoppers. 

1. Brooklyn Bowl – Williamsburg 

Photo: Brooklyn Bowl Facebook Page 

Although the hype of “one of the most incredible places on earth” by Rolling Stone is a lot to live up to, Brooklyn Bowl is a groundbreaking space combining entertainment and cuisine that anyone would enjoy a night out at. Brooklyn Bowl has a 500 cap venue space with headlining bands of various genres including bluegrass, psychedelic rock, jam bands, and DJ sets. While that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Brooklyn Bowl also has a restaurant serving delicious bites from Blue Ribbon. And of course because it’s in the name, Brooklyn Bowl is best known for their legendary bowling alley. Open during all shows as well as the weekends and even no cover family bowling on Sundays there’s no excuse not to try a swing at it. So get your gang together and enjoy a night full of bowling, live music, and some of the best fried chicken you’ll ever have.

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