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Holds Management That Saves Time

Eliminate the redundant, time-wasting process of requesting, approving holds, or managing holds with real-time calendar syncing that instantly and automatically keeps everyone on the same page.

  • Manage holds across two Prism accounts in seconds
  • See real time Hold levels that are always up to date
  • Stay in the loop with automated email notifications
  • Keep sensitive information private like revenue, expenses, offers, and settlements
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Save Time. Stay in Sync.

Communicating calendar availability among trusted partners over email is tedious, redundant and time-consuming. Promoters, venues and agents have better things to do than send and sift through emails and wait for responses. Your time is valuable. It’s time to leverage automation to give you more of it back.

Prism is built by music professionals, so we know how much time is wasted managing holds. We built a Shared Holds feature into our Calendar Management to streamline the process, saving everyone time, ensuring greater accuracy, and removing unnecessary emails from your flooded inbox.


Shared Holds indicate shared events between you and your partner, and any changes to dates and hold levels are synced between accounts.


Get your time back so you can focus on what matters most.

Try Prism’s Shared Holds and see how easy managing holds can be.