Our Story

Our mission at Prism is to remove every last bit of friction and pain from the booking process and replace it with insight and empowerment.

After booking thousands of shows in dozens of rooms around the country as independent concert promoters, our founding team realized that all of us had the same problem: managing a bunch of shows is a huge pain in the ass. So we decided to build a tool that vastly reduces the work required to manage a calendar, send offers, market, advance and settle our shows.

Our team is led by entrepreneurs with years of experience in concert promotion, artist management, venue operations, festival & event production, and software development at companies like Zappos, Paypal, Sony Music, and Atlantic Records.

Prism was launched alongside the operation of a lighthouse customer who annually puts on 500 concerts a year. In-addition to the lighthouse customer, many concert promoters ranging from small room operators to stadium talent buyers gave consistent feedback, guidance, and testing of the early product. Our small and growing team lives in Austin where we’re hustling to create the world’s best software platform for the industry.